All Terrorists are Muslim, therefore all Muslims are Terrorists

A Ballad in Plain D-monic Logic
by Ginkminos

Our world is changing. Fast. And in ways that even the more visionary of our ancestors could not have imagined. Believe it or not, many of these changes actually do benefit mankind as a whole, or at the very least a significant part of it. The dreaded curse of consumerism, for instance, has led to an unprecedented rise in the living standards of millions across the globe who would otherwise still be floundering in the murky waters of abject poverty.

Man has been to the moon, can order pizza delivery without speaking to another person, and is able to replace the human heart. These are just some of the marvels of our age. The imminent end of religion as the preeminent guiding principle in our lives signals yet another miracle [sic], which the more rational amongst the populace of terra firma are preparing to celebrate with the kind of fervour more commonly reserved for rave parties fueled by sex ’n drugs ’n rock ’n roll.

On the flip side, the long awaited and much vaunted renascence of Muhammedanism has been cheered by many. It has also been denounced by many more, including the aforementioned ravers. It is the subject of the most intense debates and is, arguably, the defining discourse of our time. It polarises opinion like no other topic, except perhaps the question of the eminently questionable elegance of Lagerfeld’s Spring Collection.

Much of the debate focuses on the definition of “Terrorism,” and what constitutes this plague on civilised human life. The world is divided into two camps. One which equates Islam with Terrorism, and one for whom Islam offers the only route to the salvation of civilisation. While the latter group is composed exclusively of Muslims, membership of the former camp is open to all and sundry, and does not exclude (sensible) Muslims.

The most feared Terrorists belong to a cult unofficially known as Suicide Bombers ’R Us. Because they believe they are death-proof, possessing an unshakeable faith in Elysian reincarnation, they are not afraid to blow themselves (and many others) up into a million little pieces in order to achieve their evil, if rather fuzzy, goals. Many realistic people feel that, in light of the clear and present danger posed to world peace by these Godless felons, it is high time we renamed our celestial orb Planet Terror.

All this is nothing new, and is widely known. What is not known is how successful the Terrorists have been in their recruitment drive. Until recently Terrorists belonged to every race, colour, creed and sexual orientation known to Man (and at least one orientation known only to the loinclothed saadhu who inhabits one of the more impressive peaks of the Karakoram Range). No more. According to the Galoop Galoop Organisation’s latest global survey, every single non-Muslim Terrorist in the world has converted to Islam, right down to (in the case of males of this disgusting species) gleefully shedding their foreskins.

And we all know how accurate GGO’s surveys are. More accurate even than a mercury-ion clock on a long-term course of anabolic steroids, in case you were wondering.

GGO’s findings reveal that there are no longer any African Terrorists. There are no European Terrorists. No Caucasian Terrorists. No Jewish Terrorists. No Hindu Terrorists. And there are certainly no American Terrorists. (There’s just a whole lot of Bloody Tourists, but that is to be the subject of yet another survey.)

Ah (plop-plop-fizz-fizz), what a relief! This unambiguous homogeneity of Terrorists makes the job of hunting down and liquidating these demons so much easier.

An argument currently doing the rounds, quite disturbing for moral reasons to many in the bleeding-heart liberal community, advocates the extermination of each and every man, woman and child of the Muslim persuasion; thereby eliminating entirely the threat of Terrorism. Thankfully no Nazi gas chamber remains in working order, or the capitalist system would implode with the removal of so many hundreds of millions of consumer-goods consumers (“suckers” in marketing parlance). Where would we be then, hain ji?

In the meantime, until we can find a viable final solution to the terrorist menace, I advise all non-Muslims, and all sane Muslims too, to display extreme caution when faced with anyone

a) Sporting a beard.

b) Wearing a veil.

c) Speaking Arabic (cos you never know, it might just be some unholy incantation).

d) Using the word “bomb” in a sentence, even as a seemingly harmless suffix or prefix. (The commercial hub of India now, thankfully, has the much less frightening handle of “Mumbai.”)

e) Trying to convince you that she is not a Terrorist, even though she is dressed from head to toe in a jet-black tent, with just enough exposure to allow two eyes to peep warily out from within the incarceration of intellectual capitulation and incapacity.

If you do come across such terrifying creatures, please just drop whatever you have in your hands, and run like hell. As Messrs Gilmour and Waters used to sing so eloquently:

If you’re taking your girlfriend out tonight
You’d better park the car well out of sight
Cos if they catch you in the back seat trying to pick her locks
They’re gonna send you back to mother in a cardboard box
You better
Run… run… run… run…
Run… run… run… run…
Run… run… run… run…
Run… run… run… run…


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168 responses to “All Terrorists are Muslim, therefore all Muslims are Terrorists

  1. Minos
    thanks for returning to PTH with this post.
    Irony, wit and black humour at their best!!

  2. thank you raza. it’s good to be back. i’ve got a lot of catching up to do. so much happening on PTH, so much more happening in pak itself.

    reminds of the allegedly chinese (and eminently hackneyed) curse, “may you live in interesting times.”

  3. The black humour of this article hit the nail on the head!
    Very well written.

  4. YLH

    The mention of Mumbai in this article is ironic.

    Maybe this author is behind Bombay killings.

  5. Ahmed

    YOu racist bastard. How could you. Have you even ever seen a muslim. You are a retard. Islam is all about peace. 9/11 were just attackers. When a christian robbes a bank he is not called a christian robber. He is just called a robber. Same with Muslims.

  6. ali

    It is obvious that the muslims are the funcamental base for terriest. I agreed in all the points raised about muslim and terrerism. What makes sense today is that, we are living in a nation of high standard in all aspects of ourlives. But we the muslims are not benefited for our flesh nor our soul. We are suffering with ilogical and the socalled religional attitude. May be we can ask the some of the following questions for ourselves:
    why we all are behaving like a wilde animal when the name of alah is called?
    Why none of us will never and ever query ourselves, that aobut all the issues concerning muslims and our relign?
    Why we beleive that we will be the son of alah if we kill others (the so called Jehad)?
    Is there any one from the muslim who liks to demolish his shop or property by any body else?
    If you are as such un happy about your shop, do you think that alah will be happy by killing his creature?
    Unless we beleive the devil, or as Rushid wrote the satanic versus, we are created by the creature of the world. My be we differe by our attitude.

    Any one who want to arrgue about the religon we beleive, I can meet even face to face to discuss the issues.
    I do appology about my poor english.
    I wish if I would write more, but for today this would be enough.

  7. Milind Kher

    The author is wrong about all terrorists being Muslims. He has not met the Hindutvavadis. These guys are growing at an exponential rate, and will one day prove as great a threat to the peace in the region as the Taliban or LeT

  8. Jasmine

    You have no clue what you’re talking about. I don’t care if this is supposed to be funny, because its not. Please, do some research before you criticize a religion.

  9. lal

    gosh, common people,dont tell dat so many of u missed the is one of the best sattire i ve read recently.this article most certainly is not against Islam, jasmine,milind,ahmed and co…read it again

  10. @ahmed: how dare you call me a bastard! i’ll have you know my parents were married a full three hours before i was born, and i have the documentary evidence (and a hair from the qazi’s luxuriant beard) to prove it. so there!

    when a christian robs a grave he is called a tomb raider. but when a moslem robs a grave he is called, simply, a grave robber…
    go figure.

    p.s. i wouldn’t go quite so far as to call myself racist. i think i’d get about as far as racy before i gave up.

  11. @milind: if the hindutva vadis really are as terrifyingly terrible as you claim, then they must me closet mussulmans.

  12. @jasmine: alright, alright
    : (
    i admit it. [sniff, sniff]. i have not a clue.

    please provide me with one or two of these clue thingies so that i might continue my amateur detective work. oh and i would really appreciate it if you could throw in a deer-stalker hat, a magnifying glass, and a calabash pipe while you’re at it, thankyouverymuch.

  13. @lal: many thanks, brother, for the accolade and the clarificaton.

  14. sami

    please do not criticize my religion before doing some research. i grew up in a catholic family, but it never seemed right. When i went to college i met this boy who became my best friend. he taught me about Islam and how all Muslims cant live a normal life with everyone staring and calling them terrorists. Finally after i read the Quran and went to a mosque it felt right. in Islam they teach you to be kind with people of different beliefs and not to disrespect people for who they are. I converted to Islam. i respect who you are so please do the same with all other Muslims.

  15. sami

    please do not criticize my religion before doing some research. i grew up in a catholic family, but it never seemed right. When i went to college i met this boy who became my best friend. he taught me about Islam and how all Muslims cant live a normal life with everyone staring and calling them terrorists. Finally after i read the Quran and went to a mosque it felt right. in Islam they teach you to be kind with people of different beliefs and not to disrespect people for who they are. I converted to Islam. i respect who you are so please do the same with all other Muslims. it just disturbs me so much when a christian robs a store its on the news like any other day, but if a Muslim does its such a big deal. please do some research

  16. Reem

    omg all SANE muslims what does that mean?that most of us are crazy well u know what muslims have just as much right in this country as you!

  17. as much right?


    er… i think-nottle

    nobody has as much right as me
    perhaps as much left, but definitely not right

  18. What were the British invaders of India? founders of Israel, and I don’t mean rhetorically.

    Menachem Begin, David Ben Gurion, Moshe Dayan, even Yitzhak Rabin were responsible for bombings and other “acts of terrorism” in the Mid-East before the creation of Israel to scare the Jewish population to concentrate in present day Israel!

    What about George Washington? He and other founding fathers of United States perfectly fit the “definition of a terrorist!”

  19. but they were not muslims, ergo… not terrorists.

  20. Being a Muslim is a prerequisite to be a “terrorist?”

  21. Watch this movie “Religiolous” (sp?) by Bill Maher.

    I think you will like it.

  22. raluca

    Let me tell you , you´ve got some big frustration and you´re preety ignorant. I don t know why the hell ppl like you are alowed to emit opinions even!
    What do you know about muslim people? Have you ever red the Quran? I don t know if you ´re american or not , but how do you call those frustrates teenagers who go to school with a gun and kill their teachers and mates? What do you think about death penalty? I don t agree it , and i never thought i ll say that but you´re kind of deserving it! Ignorance must be cut off from the root!

  23. raluca

    and why isn t any democratic report abuse option in here?

  24. i have nothing to say against this exaggerated hatred..really i cant describe to which point i m so disappointed to see that truth is designed by sick and retarded minds.
    now in a very precise moment of history , comes an unknown name to accuse and to minimize our history in one word(terrorist)…what an irony is this!!!!…
    if u want we r indeed terrorists….but terrorists with more than 2.000 years of civilization and scientific researchs .while your ancestors were interested in eating bananas, we , the terrorists ,discovered the numerical system and made a precise and definite maps of every inch of the world and reached in astronomy highest levels where your ancestors where interested in praying to cows when they pass over them…
    if this makes u feel better ,, we r the terrorists..
    1-those who killed Jesus r not Jewish , they r Muslims.
    2-the KKK were indeed Muslims.
    3-Hitler and his regime was Muslims.
    4-the Hagan,Sharon and the others r Muslims.
    5-the discriminatory regime in south Africa was Muslims.
    6-those who created the nuclear arms and used it against japan r Muslims.
    7- the ww1 and www2 were caused by the Muslims barbarous regimes.
    etc etc etc etc etc etc……………………………..

    anyway, i know it is a waste of time to comment such an empty subject written by an empty mind…

  25. Mansoor

    I think after the demise of the Soviet Union, the warmongers, military contractors, Christian fundamentalists (who I call American Talibaan) needed a new “enemy” and after the “Red” threat, came so called “Green” threat, i.e., Islam and Muslims.

  26. mansoor, being a muslim is not “a prerequisite to be a terrorist”. it is however a convenient way to lump all the terrorists into one easily identifiable camp. makes it simpler to issue easily accomplished liquidation orders.

  27. wassim, truth is “designed by sick and retarded minds” because healthy and accelerated minds (it seems) are incapable of developing even the most rudimentary of disinformation and agitprop skills. perhaps if muslims studied the gospel according to the western world’s last great prophet, dr. p.j. goebbels, things might be diffferent.

    oh, and it’s not that “i want” muslims to be terrorists. that’s just a saddddddd fact of life, n’est-ce pas?

  28. Mansoor

    Kinkminos, about the “prerequisite” comment, I was trying to be sarcastic against the attempts labeling all Muslims as terrorists.

    Of course, I know better!

  29. raluca

    wassim thnks for answerin my message….u smart man , but dont get angry ……do u really think a unique neuron is able to get it?we both know psicologically she needs to call attention on somethin.she s a basic case……..hhhhhhhh looool

  30. mansoor, just thot i’d clarify the issue.

    as bill maher said in an interview on his film religulous, “i preach the gospel of ‘i don’t know'”.

  31. jarebear

    kinkminos here is a fine example of what happens when you think that as long as you’re funny its OK to trash a religion or that it proves a point

  32. : )

    jarebear, thank you for being so (mis)understanding.

  33. ha! I love the jibber jabber [and the fallacy in the title] 😉

    btw, apparently ppl don’t do subtle…good work tho

  34. Robert

    I hate Muslims, they are cheap, smelly bastards who speak english with the stupidest accent you’ll ever hear. All muslims are filthy terrorist, if it was up to me i would have them all shipped back to their home country where they live in caves and dirt huts like if its 1200 BC and drop as many nuclear war heads on their sorry asses. so that we never have to see a dirty sand nigger again.

  35. Archaeo


    At last! My soul mate! Where have you been hiding yourself, O lovely one?

    I hate Muslims, too; also Christians, Jews, Hindoos, and Buddhists. They are all cheap, smelly bastards, and they speak different languages with the stupidest accent that you have never had the ill fortune to hear. It’s so obnoxious to have these cheap, smelly hippies floating around different parts of the world, muttering and mangling Urdu, for instance, or Hindoo, or whatever those nig-nogs speak elsewhere, pretending to be Hindoo themselves and doing bad yoga thinking that they’ll get to heaven! What a pathetic shower. If I had them in my squad for a month or so, I’d straighten out the whole bloody lot.

    And have you met the cheap, smelly bastards coming out of footer matches reeking of cheap, smelly alcohol? It’s a treat, it is, watching the froggies coping with them, and the throwing up in the restaurants, and the breaking up of shop windows, and doing up loos the way they ought to have been done up.

    We should get together and get every filthy, slimy immigrant back to where they came from. Let’s start with those bloody Northern Irish and ship them back to Scotland, and get Ireland pure and clean again. And don’t forget that there’s a corner of Germany waiting for these filthy English to be sent back, and free up England – England! – for the Welshmen.

    The only problem, darling, is that you left those filthy Yank scum out. We need to ship them all of them back to the holes and slums they came from. That’s teaching them a lesson, and that’ll fix their prancing around showering their money around as if the Chinese weren’t holding their sorry arses together.

  36. D_a_n

    ‘Let’s start with those bloody Northern Irish and ship them back to Scotland, and get Ireland pure and clean again’

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  37. Mr Archaeo
    I am a Muslim you know who are muslim
    if you talk face to face then you know who are muslims
    I never hate a cristens bcuz i love all peoples of the world
    you are very idiot person
    you are very basterd
    you are bastered create the terrorism in muslims
    Mind your languages and be care full from Muslims

  38. Archaeo

    @Ali Raza

    A fool has no religion. You need not wear your religion on your sleeves, your lack of understanding speaks for you.

    I suggest before you read these passages with all the big words in them, you learn English from a good Mullah. Start with A for Apple. Till then, keep silent in the presence of your elders and betters. Or be chastised.

  39. Hamid

    @Archaeo: LOL! Man, you are hilarious!

  40. Hamid

    Archaeo, Where were you when the damn Brits invaded India, pillaged and raped it for 400 years?

    You know, what is the difference between the Brits and the Nazis?

    Brits (and other European criminal colonizers) committed their crimes over few centuries, whereas poor Nazis were in a hurry and tried to catchup with other criminals regimes of Europe in a shorter span of time, roughly 12 or 13 years.

    One to two thousand Stukas bombing the hell out of London: What a delight! Hitler never should have started operation Barbarossa, he should have first annihilated Britain. Compared to the Soviet Union, he would have inflicted unimaginable damage to that Island that is the bane of humanity!

  41. Archaeo


    What I most dislike is their obsession with Asians smelling. Can’t they smell themselves? Ever been on the tube at rush hour with that bloody lot? And they whinge on and bloody on about Asians?

    That’s a laugh, that is.

    I was a gleam in my forefathers’ eyes when the British invaded India and pillaged it, and was only born in 1950, too late to know the British as anything but a vanishing race.

    Actually, there are those in Britain whom I quite like. It’s these yobs like Robert that I can’t stand. Having said that, I have to admit that you are right about the British getting away with dreadful crimes just because they were committed over centuries. We make much of them largely because of our colonial background, and because we like them to like us. Time to stop cringing before them and kissing their arses.

  42. Hamid

    Things must be very different in UK. Please don’t let those smelly Asians come to my country – the United States! I am grateful to British folks who are their keepers! 🙂

    Just being facetious! I know what you mean and I have heard dreadful things about England. Fortunately, USA is a huge country and the immigrant population, for a bug number is very educated. In addition, US culture and society must be very different from the British. I have never been there, so I have no idea!

  43. Hamid

    I meant “big” instead of “bug”

  44. Archaeo


    You’re lucky, mate.

  45. Mr

    do you know who is Damn Mullah
    Mullah is Usama Bin Ladin
    And Usama Bin Ladin is you second father
    ha ha ha
    Suppose I love USA
    but you don’t like this
    You Like this
    I love USAMA
    So all people says I love USA and I Love USAMA
    kindly 2 days live with Muslim then you know who are muslims

  46. Archaeo


    And Usama Bin Ladin is you second father

    Ah ha, my favourite commentator, the master of tongues! Welcome back!!

    For starters, little one, there should be a comma between you and second.

    For seconds, I have no little bastards floating around as far as I know. No paternity suits pending either.

  47. Archaeo

    @Ali Raza

    I was laughing too hard to be writing anything to anyone.

    That last was not addressed to me – something I do only when shaving my fist-long beard – but to you, unacknowledged child of my dark days.

  48. icantbelievethis

    hey guess what dude, not all the villians in the world are muslim!!! how about the Ku Klux Klan???? you know if you even met a muslim i think that you would be plenty surprised because guess what! we are just like you but we believe in different things, guess what have you ever considered that we have feelings? and that my sister found this, showed it to me and we both burst out crying because of this? you know i dont hate anyone who is not muslim, although this is really offensive to a lot of people, not only muslims. please can you just tell me why you write these words of hate towards your brothers and sisters! we all came from adam and eve so… ?

  49. Hamid

    All Nazis were white therefore all whites are Nazis?

  50. Gorki

    First things first.

    I beg forgivness in advance for what I am going to do from the following good people:
    Zeenath, Lal, D-A-N and others like them.
    Also especially from Rumi Sahib and from the one of a kind; Archaeo.

    In addition I also owe an apology in advance to all others who support the sense of humor that allows them to enjoy the brilliant bit of writing by kinkminos (something in such short supply during these troubled times)

    However I do this anyway because I could not take it any more. Please find it in your hearts to forgive me for being such a spoilsport.
    So here goes:

    @ icantbelievethis
    @ Ali Raza

    Please understand that the above piece and subsequent comments by Archaeo are a very sophisticated form of satire called black humor.
    It is not meant to be insulting to the Muslims; in fact they are defending the Muslims and their faith.

    They are making fun of all those who are either too stupid that they cannot tell the difference between a terrorist and a regular law abiding Muslim or are too lazy and callous to do so that they just lump all Muslims as ‘terrorists’

    Thus when Arhcaeo seems to be agreeing with Robert he is infact making fun of Robert’s ignorance and bigotry.
    Notice how he seems to agree with Robert but adds: “let us throw out the Irish from Ireland into Scotland!”
    Now this is absurd but also brilliant on several levels.
    For example, first of all Robert (who probably could even be Irish himself) will feel a little foolish agreeing with this statement about throwing his own kind out of his own homeland!! but if he disagrees then he looks foolish by disagreeing with his won premise in the first place.

    Do you see the dark humor in this?

    There are several other more subtle layers of humor hidden in this statement (Archaeo you are truly and irredeemably wicked; 😉 ) but let us let it go; I hope it shows you all how in this sarcastic way these above mentioned folks are laughing at the silliness of all those who hate others based on their preconcieved prejudices.

    @ Robert: pardon my language; but you are an idiot.
    You are too dumb to tangle with the likes of kinkminos and are way out of your league with Archaeo.
    I am telling this to you as a favor.
    Stay away from such people; because they are the ones your mom warned you about when she let you go out and play by yourself. 😉

    And Archaeo; the following:
    “For starters, little one, there should be a comma between you and second…”

    was a piece of verbal jujutsu that we mortals can only admire from far but can never even aspire to.
    For a lack of better description, it is the verbal equivalent of the famous Michael Jordan moment when he used to play for the Chicago Bulls and would effortlessly produce a three pointer shot seconds before the final whistle seemingly out of nowhere!!
    Sheer magic and a joy to read; I tip my hat to the master. 😉

    Last but not least, icantbelievethis please take note; bigots and racists of all kinds may dwell in this world but they can never win against us; for they are far too stupid and people like you and me have Archaeo, kinkminos, DAN, Raza Hamid and millions like them on our side.

    Still feel like crying?
    I think not. 😉


  51. Archaeo


    Thanks. I think I was frightening the children. Didn’t do me much good to read about the brother and sister bursting into tears.


    I hate racists and religious bigots, those who condemn Muslims, for instance, as terrorists, very greatly. Sometimes it makes me feel ill, and I have to medicate myself. I am not joking about this. The only way to handle such people is to laugh at them and make them realise that they are fools. Sometimes there are fools on our side, who don’t understand irony and sarcasm and get upset; when they are young people, it’s all right, when they are older people, I wish someone had spanked them when they were young for not doing their lessons and not being able to understand simple things.

    So don’t worry; kinkminos is a brilliant man with a brilliant mind, and his writing takes a very good mind to understand. Many foolish people don’t understand him and crowd around saying rude things, and then some of us have to do something to chase away such idiots. That’s what I was doing. Now chill.

    @Ali Raza

    Don’t get involved with English just yet. First learn the language, and then start reading and writing on the Internet. Second, learn to tell who are your friends, and who are your enemies. At the moment, you have no idea.

  52. Sunder

    Dear Friends ,

    Let me clear the facts.Muslim is very good religion.In factit imposes you to a way of disciplined life.But the people are bad and misunderstood the whole concept.Escpicially those who live in the Afghan Pakistan belt.They are blind by the religion and are really cavemen.You can see in Muslims in developed countries really broadminded like in UAE ,Malaysia etcThey are God fearing and peaceful and very much broadminded.All religions where created thousands of years ago .We need to mke some modern amendments like restriciting number of children we have , Education for Woman and other factors .For we know the greatest danger man is facing are things made by man.So Follow your religion.I respect it to the greatest level.But keep it personal .You pray at home and at ur prayer hall.Outside we are Human beings .Nothing more , nothing less.

    I would like to ask one question to all fanatic Muslims. If you Agree that Allah has created mankind , then you need to respect other humans of another religion .Y jihad ???? Other religions believe Allah in another form or in his own way .
    Why you want to ridicule other religion or othr people?Why you argue your religion is the greatest if you know that all humans are created by Allah .

    Religion is a faith and a way of life.Keep it personal .Outside we are all but humans.

    As long as you keep arguing about your religion , you will stay behind .like those African countries ,Pakistanis and Afhganistan.Look Beyond , You will grow .

  53. Archaeo


    I suspect geography is your strong point. Stronger than your logic, stronger than your common sense, stronger than your self of preservation……

    As long as you keep arguing about your religion , you will stay behind .like those African countries ,Pakistanis and Afhganistan.Look Beyond , You will grow .

    Old fanatic Muslim Afghan Pakistani proverb: Sunder bahut sasta hai. Ek dhundo to sou nikl aate hain.

    I need a break.

    Anyone for cricket? They need us there, more than here.

  54. Archaeo

    Could we read that as ‘sense of self-preservation’, not the way it came out with Sunder squeezing it out?

  55. Sunder

    Truth is truth .whether u see it partially , argue against it , or run away from it .
    In Islam listening to music is Haram .Then how many of u guys keep ue mobile in silent mode ?How many of u have sent ur girls for education .Either Taliban has misintepreted Quran or u people are not following the Quran .Which is the Truth ??

    If u say that Taliban has misintepreted .Than can u dare go and explain them ???(as per Quran Muslims should explain the truth of Quran to other Muslims who do not understand ) !!!If u do not then u r not a Muslim ??

    The World is changing .Religion is way of life .Follow Religion as a Guideline not by imposition.
    Adopt to changes which are happening .
    Islam is an excellent religion , with amazing facts .
    Follow it sincerely , but use ur brain and mind as a first reference before u argue or follow Quran as a reference .

  56. Hayyer

    Sunder-Are you Surender?

  57. Archaeo


    The scary thing is that they’re probably breeding there, behind the wainscoting. One day, they’ll burst out and overwhelm everybody in one large creepy-crawly swarm.

  58. Hayyer

    I think we can hold our own. Eventually the loonies lose.

  59. Luqmaan

    That thing there is pure venom.
    You know of any means to fight locusts?


  60. D_a_n

    Pure Whisky Foxtrot Tango moments here gents…..!

    Whisky Foxtrot Tango…!

  61. Mohammed Adil

    Now Kinkimos, listen by your comments I understand you are Christian. Now I am sure you might watch alot of american news but seriously have you read the Quran?, or only researched from the internet and watched stuff about it on TV.Now here is a website for Christians, and this topic is related to your question.
    I hope you check it out and realize the truth.

  62. hahahaha

    hahaha, all you people, who i assume are mostly adults, are all rather amusing, that you need a teenage girl to tell you, that islam is not a race nor a culture, it is a religion, dont even bother debating that because your not going to win with me. You cannot insist that everyone who is muslim has an accent, a beard or wears a veil, thats the biggest load of bull s$%# i have ever heard. I know many muslims, who are, believe it or not, are Caucasians from england or new zealand, many born muslim, many who are infact converts. Islam is a philosophy and the way people interpret that is up to them.

    Last century it was the Nazis, KKK and before that the Jews, The year 2100 probably see the rise of the Zulu terrorist.

    To the one who wrote this article, those who support it or who are having a little cry about the dishonor this all is. Lighten up, know the facts, your not going to get anywhere in this world if you think like this.

    You guys crack me up, thanks for some good sunday night humour.


  63. Archaeo

    I suppose teenage girls devoid of a sense of humour, and who completely lack understanding of what is going on, yet wish to be heard, and who call themselves hahahaha must serve a purpose in the divine order of things. When someone finds out what it is, be sure to let me know.

  64. Hahaha

    Completely lacks understanding hahaha again, because I myself am fully Muslim, and in my personal opinion believe you lack understanding, because here you go stereotyping yet again, to all you other Muslims comenting on this ridiculously immature post, if I was a moulana I’m sure you would all accept my blantantly true words and probably stop responding all together, maybe my place in this world, as the younger generation, is too show some sense in this situation, because let’s face it you people ive been taught to respect are the ones who are to blame for poisoning our minds and starting all this crap and your biggoted over sensitive views are blinding you from the truth. I think your more immature then me if you can’t take the joke in this blog post and you actually care what others think about you and your beliefs. Again archaeo I laugh at you – lack an understanding and want to be heard – indeed I do serve a purpose in the divine order of things , though I can’t really say the same for you buddy.

  65. Archaeo


    I rest my case.

  66. simply61

    What a brilliant article.Your mastery over the language is the ebst one has seen in a very long time and its sad that so many missed the real intent of your article.

  67. bonobashi

    Hats off to you, Kinkminos! You are the master of us all.

  68. Hahaha


    make Allah have mercy upon you all 😉

  69. hayyer

    So refreshing to hear the confident trebles of youth. No convictions like youthful convictions. I think of my own wasted youth and wonder why convictions gave me a miss.
    Hahaha: you can never go wrong if you refuse to debate with the fuddy duddies of PTH. You will forever retain your convictions that way and doubt will never cross you. Absolutely unassailable as you are in your mental fortress, you must stop reading henceforth so that nothing conflicts with what you already know. God help us ignorant PTH readers to learn something, and preserve you in your learning.

  70. Luqmaan

    Hahaha wrote :
    make Allah have mercy upon you all 😉

    Who is this Make Allah?
    What else does he have other than mercy?

    And why should we suffer this mercy?


  71. hahahaha

    @ Luqmaan,
    May i mean. And how can you suffer mercy, mercy means compassion

  72. Gorki


    While you are at it can you also petition Allah to spread a little understanding and some sense of humor to those most in need of it? 😉


  73. hahahaha

    Amen to that

  74. Luqmaan


    Something for you to read,

    Nawasish Ali wrote………..
    There are literally billions ans billions of galaxies and star systems in our “known” universe; supposedly we are talking about a creator that is well beyond the confines of any material boundaries; why would such a “person” even care about what goes on in individual hearts and minds on a teeny weeny planet! Why would he be upset about, for example, a woman showing off a bit of skin or someone not observing some ritual exactly how it was prescribed (when there are literally hundreds of such, very contradictory, rituals in Islam amongst the sects; not to quote countless other similar examples.


  75. Archaeo


    From the available evidence, your prayer failed. :-)>

    Maybe a little fasting first….?

  76. Luqmaan

    Like aid, these things come with riders (clauses)

    In life there is no free lunch.
    Likewise the mercy comes with a clause. The clause will pinch and that is what I am worried about.

    Ultimately the mercy will be causing suffering of a different kind.


  77. Archaeo


    How come you are calling Hahaha Haha?? Aren’t you presuming a bit?

  78. Hahaha

    Again, me saying may god have mercy on you all was a joke dears, no need to rebut an argument that does not exist. How I adore how you people on PTH love to overdramatize and debate the smallest of things, rather intreaguing I must say – no joke there haha. As for luq and your links and rants if that is all true there is no point in religion at all, which I guess is the way many of my peers think today, realistically only 2 out of all my friends in New Zealand practice a religion at all.

  79. Luqmaan

    >As for luq and your links and rants if that is all
    >true there is no point in religion at all,

    What do you find more logical? Is there a god?

    Welcome to the club!

    >which I guess is the way many of my peers think

    What do u think? Good to note that you are asking yourself some good questions.

    >today, realistically only 2 out of all my
    >friends in New Zealand practice a religion at all.

    You intend doing anything about that?

    Not having a religion doesn’t mean you need to be immoral or whatever. In fact you can simply be a good human anyway. That takes away the need to have an omnipresent god watching you all the time, like you are some prisoner or would be criminal.


  80. hahahaha

    Yes i agree with you, me personally, although i have bought up with, albeit loose muslim morals, i personally dont believe in god enough to call my self a devout muslim at this stage of my life. Like as far as i believe religion was only ever there in ancient societies for the mere puropose of serving answers to unknown questions. Where as these days we have great advancements in science nad philosophy, that even though i want to believe god is up there, i cant say i honestly do, as Darwin theory of evolution seems somewhat more logical to me. Personally i have immense respect for those who have enough faith to stick with a religion, but in this day in age, i dont think many people do have such a strong hold and belief in god as they want others to believe they do. To be a good moral person i dont believe that it should be a prerequisite to have a firm belief in God or religion either, its what you think in your mind. And from this article alone we can see that it is not always the religious that are the moral either, the things that terrorist’s do in the name of god, speaks for itself. As for my friends, i cant convince to do or be anything they don’t want to be, especially if i cant even decide myself. A good moral person to me, would be someone who listens to every side of the story and make decisions depending on what they ultimately believe, not what anyone else tells them to do.

  81. Luqmaan

    Minds are like parachutes. Work when open.
    You have one that is open.

  82. simply61

    “Minds are like parachutes. Work when open.”
    That is a good one, indeed. Put this way the dangers of an unopened parachute should suffice to bring home the disastrous effects of a closed mind.

  83. bonobashi


    I was taken aback at the maturity with which Ms. hahahaha (hahaha to her close friends) replied. Most unexpected. Are there two of them? Will she reply you, ‘luqmaan’, I wonder?

  84. Luqmaan

    In just a few exchanges she is able to reap the benefits of her education. If all the youth of our country can emulate her, just imagine…..!


  85. Hayyer

    hahahaha, then hahaha and to Luq even ha. This is clearly a work in progress.

  86. Mansoor

    “Tact is the ability to tell a man he’s open minded when he has a gaping hole in his head.” F G Kemar

  87. bonobashi


    Deadly one. Be sure that I shall use it, with attribution. Brilliant.

  88. Mansoor

    F G Kemar, not me 🙂

  89. bonobashi


    Oh, that’s fine. I’m not referring to that. You spotted it, didn’t you?

  90. apollo

    Religion is the best system of control ever imposed on human. Every heinous crime is justifiable on religious grounds. Human perversity is at its best. The funniest part is that most of its decrees are outcomes of a particular socio-cultural order. Unfortunately these decrees. however mere opinion are jealously guarded by its proponents, as if they were a product of their own intellectual faculties.

    What amazes me is how some of us, sitting on information highways can still be influenced by the organised religion in a way that they are…

  91. Mansoor

    Reality is not a zero-sum game. There are so many shades of gray that the picture gets blurred.

    Blaming religion for bloodshed is a lame excuse, in my opinion. If it were not religion, then there would be something else.

    Religion, definitely plays a positive role but can easily be subverted, just like any other social phenomenon.

    I wish people here could understand Urdu. I have so many couplets of Ghalib and Faiz addressing concrete as well as abstract aspects of religion and ontology.

  92. Bloody Civilian



  93. Mansoor

    دیروحرم آئنہ ءِ تکرارِ تمنا
    واماندگئ شوق تراشے ہے پناہیں

  94. Mansoor

    Two lines from “sir-e-waadiye seena” from Faiz

    اب رسمِ ستم حکمتِ خاصانِ زمیں ہے
    تایئدِ ستم مصلحتِ مُفتیءِ دیں ہے

  95. Mansoor

    Let me find a better way of posting in Urdu here.

  96. Mansoor

    I hate writing Urdu in Roman script and I refuse to do so.

  97. Bloody Civilian

    religion could well say in its defense

    daboya mujh ko hone ne na hota main to kya hota

    “If it were not religion, then there would be something else” might well be true. it most probably is. but it, in itself, is no defence. it’s no better than a criminal saying that if it hadn’t been me it would have been someone else. so how about coming up with something more substantial.

    of course not all who have a bone to pick with religion care to say if they differentiate between spirituality and religous doctrine… between god and religion. that is, the first line of ghalib i quoted..

    na thha kuchh tu khuda thha na hota kuchh to khuda hota

    the dawkins kind of debate is more difficult to find in ghalib or even faiz, though. dawkins would claim that once there is god then religion, doctrine and dogma are certain to follow. would he be wrong? both ghalib and faiz can give him a run for his money. each in his own way. and there are many others of course, besides these two. there will still be the takrar e tamanna, khaasaan e zameen, to mention to examples from different ends across the spectrum of human experience.

  98. Bloody Civilian

    “to mention to examples” = to mention two examples

  99. Mansoor

    There was a time I was an ardent atheist then an agnostic then a “regular” Muslim. But, now I am very highly inclined towards Ibn Al Arabi’s “Wahdat ul Wujood or Oneness of Being which, itself is based on Qura’an.

    The thing is that spirituality and religion cannot be summarily as several 20th century physicists have repeatedly made clear.

    If I were to ask any of these so called “rationalist”, please explain to me with mathematical precision, the general theory of relativity or quantum mechanics, I bet they won’t be able to.

    In other words, they are accepting the word of someone else.

    Why can’t that be done in the spiritual realm? Trusting someone like Prophet Mohammad?

  100. Mansoor

    The thing is that spirituality and religion cannot be summarily dismissed as several 20th century physicists have repeatedly made it clear.

  101. Mansoor

    Listen to this. Very enlightening!

    [audio src="" /]

  102. Gorki

    You wrote:
    “What amazes me is how some of us, sitting on information highways can still be influenced by the organised religion in a way that they are…”

    and also:

    “Religion is the best system of control ever imposed on human.”

    So why are you amazed? 😉


  103. Mansoor

    قوم کیا ہے، قوموں کی اِمامت کیا ہے
    اس کو کیا سمجہیں یہ بیچارے دو رکعت کے امام


  104. Bloody Civilian

    very highly inclined

    that’s what most people are i guess.. whether it is towards atheism, religion, wahdat-al-wajood, or shahood, or the theory of relativity, or that of evolution… or towards being very highly inclined about anything. or very highly skeptical.

  105. Mansoor

    حقیقت الحقائق گریزاں ہے

    The Truth is evasive.

  106. Bloody Civilian

    lets give thanks for that.

  107. apollo

    @ Mansoor

    Most of our opinions are infact opined by somebody at some point in time. I only insist, that before you pass a judgment, please subject your opinion to the canons of rational skeptism, without bias.

    I may not be able to explain the GTOR or quantum mechanics ( almost universally accepted by scientific communities) in its true mathematical terms, I can assure you that your ridicule of its authenticity does not deter my belief in it.

    Can I expect the same about matters related to faith from a preson of faith?

    I have absolutely no doubt about the voracity of the religious

  108. apollo

    Please disregard the last line.

  109. apollo

    Thanks You got me there!

  110. Mansoor


    You totally missed my point. It certainly is NOT condescension.

    I used the example of GTOR or Quantum mechanics to illustrate a point that not everyone can see the “truth” in them. I have truth in quotes because until next time when some other theory disproves or alters our current understanding, until then GTOR reigns.

    If you recall that Newton thought he had discovered what was to be discovered. As I wrote before, “The Truth is evasive.”

  111. apollo

    I did not think it was condescending at all. On the contrary I just wanted to add my two cents on your thoughts.
    thanks anyway for sharing

  112. Hayyer

    Elusive surely. If truth evades us how can we ever learn anything?
    No disrespect to your religious tendencies, but your analogy with science needs the scientific method to be applied to religion too. And religion does not stand that test. It arises from a need I believe-from conceptions of cause and effect. When Dawkins tries to demolish the teleological he fails and leaves the argument incomplete. So there is a case for wonder but not much else.
    Science speculates that everything came from nothing-suddenly there was a big bang, or as with quantum loop gravity, imagines situations before the first moment, or even with string theory imagining 11 dimensions and alternative universes.
    All that is speculative, so is religion, but science asks for proofs. Einstein is tested. Theories of the speed of light are tested, some even claim that it can be exceeded but the experiments have to be repeatable. On the other hand it as easy to believe that drinking a magic potion will take you aboard an approaching comet as happened in California when a hundred or so killed themselves that way. If you believe what someone tells you and suspend your own judgment you can justify the Nazi holocaust or the elimination of the Kulaks by Stalin, the million or so killed by Pol Pot and the 20 million killed by Mao.
    Religion may give comfort to some, but those consolations are as easily available from abstract thought, unless you need the opium of the masses.
    The Sikh creed is based on something called ‘sach’. God is the truth, is and shall be. It sounds fine but what does it mean? Spiritualism is a personal state of mind; how can religion convey it.

  113. Bloody Civilian


    i wonder what the correct translation of ‘guraizaan’ is. ‘reluctant’? the root of the word is closer to ‘abstaining’, or ‘keeping away’, ‘hesitant’. so ‘elusive’ would be a better translation i think.

  114. Hayyer

    Gurez, in Urdu at least, could mean avoid or even evade, but elude is probably closer to our understanding of what it means in relation to truth. Gurezaan, as a state of being, involves more senses than I can immediately grasp.

  115. Mansoor


    I am not denying the “irrationality” of religion and faith.

    Au contraire, I, too am terribly puzzled that our fate, after the hiatus of death, in a presumed state of perpetual existence is dependent on blind faith. Whereas, in our daily lives we rely (for most of us and for the most part) on logic, rationale and direct evidence but something that is so very important (importance of our existence get dwarfed in comparison to that presumed perpetuity) we are told to have an unquestioned, no nonsense blind faith???

    Perplexes the hell out of me! Yet, there is something, I believe in the realm of spirituality that cannot be summarily dismissed.

    What is it? I am unable to articulate. Please listen to the clip I posted above.

  116. Mansoor

    (importance of our existence in this world get dwarfed in comparison to that presumed perpetuity)

  117. Mansoor


    “…get dwarfed in comparison to…”


  118. Mansoor

    To further complicate things, people come up with all sorts of Hadees ad infinitum supporting their own whim and fancy.

    There are so many things wrong with that. To start with, contents and nuances of any conversation taken place between individuals cannot be exactly reproduced, let alone something that took place 1400 years ago. Secondly, Arabic is a very complex and elliptical language full of symbolism and allegories.

    Third, how can compilers decades after Prophet’s passing away can transmit what was meant in a conversation?
    In addition, personal preferences of Prophet are not religious decrees!

  119. karun

    so what should be done mansoor? what next?

  120. Mansoor

    One lesson that I have learned very well!

    Irrespective of religious beliefs, race, color and all things divisive, if the respect, intrinsic and the innate value of every human is not realized then all is lost.

  121. karun

    intrinsic and the innate value of every human

    sorry what does it mean in a simpler language?

  122. Mansoor

    In simpler words, try not to harm your fellow human and wish for him/her what you’d wish for yourself, generally speaking…

  123. Bloody Civilian

    wish for him/her what you’d wish for yourself, generally speaking…

    wish for him/her what he/she’d wish for him/herself, generally speaking…

  124. Mansoor

    In the interest of promoting peace, that would prove counter productive, BC.

  125. Bloody Civilian

    as long as you expect that people generally want peace (promoted), the ‘generally speaking’ takes care of any exceptions to the rule.

    wishing for others what i wish for myself, otoh, could lead to all sorts of trouble… with imposing my morals on others, or wishing to save their souls etc. it’s a bit like ‘love me like i love you’ vs ‘love me like i want to be loved’.

  126. Mansoor

    Point well taken, BC. Perhaps, I should put more thought in formulating one or two liners that would encompass more 🙂

  127. Captain Obvious

    Terrorism is wrong, asshole. Blowing up babies in the name of “Allah” is wrong. Period. Fuck you. Go blow up your own fucking people and leave civilized people alone.

  128. mahnoor,muslim

    @robert islam is peaceful reiligon,we only hate and dislike jews others are just better we aren’t smelly.I don’t think any other reiligon would be clean and pure as us.Even before sayind Muhammad we should be tottaly clean called wudu.We use muslim showers u must know,why.If you are against us so stay.You jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,americans are dirtyy pampers polluting our country with terrorism.Allah is the one who made the universe.Jesus,huh you beleive jesus,whoose a man can a man make a man,and you beleive idols ohhh you no no never mind i shit on that silly idols,if said a single word against islam now,i swear…………………………………….

  129. hahahaha

    Well mahnoor, you’re comment somewhat negates the whole idea of being peaceful and pure does it not? Additionally, i dont see how you can even attempt to rebut roberts argument, if you are quite happily saying ‘we only hate and dislike jews’, you are just as bad. If we must all hate and dislike jews, because jews, as a ‘race’, have done something wrong…then you are plain and simply admiting to the fact that there is nothing wrong with stereotyping and you yourself as a muslim (you say) must be a smelly terroist just like robert says.

  130. qureshi

    There is no doubt , that islam has been called a terrorist religion. That is obvious. We muslims cannot justify our defense. Most of our community is backward and obcessed with religion and terrorism. I see only way to get out of it, Change ourselves. Get properly educated, be polite, be gentle. and abstain from terrorism. Stop being coward terrorist and killing innocent kids and women. Be brave and respect humanity. Then the world cannot call us terrorist. Whole world cannot be fool, when they call us terrorists. We must accept the bitter truth. Inshallah !!

  131. Maham

    NO Muslims are NOT terrorists

    The Problem in this religion is that
    people don’t have good knowledge about it
    they try too change it around, trying
    too put their own opinions in it.
    THESE things Confuse young youth
    and Many People Around the World.

    They dont have proper knowledge

    The Quran’ Has NOTHING to do with hurting people…
    In Islam, If You Hurt A Human being/animal/plants
    Than Ur Hurting All Of God’s kingdom!

    And If You Heal A HUMAN being (doesn’t matter what they believe in) You Make God’s Whole Kingdom Happy.

    If People Followed What The Quran Says,
    This World WOuld Be A Different Place.

    What’s Really Painful is When People Call Us MUSLIMS Terrorists…
    it really hurts!

    Haram(forbidden) things in islam are forbidden for certain reason!
    for example things that don’t keep you in senses. You Loose COntrol of urself…

    things like — Alcohol
    things like — Gambling
    (commen sense huh?)

    Quit Treating Us Like Shit…
    The Bombers might call themselves Muslims
    but THEIR NOT..

    People In Such Young Age …Mostly boys
    get kidnapped, by people who have wrong
    knowledge of Islam….Those People Than
    Brainwash This Youngsters
    into Doing Wrong Things, Using THE NAME OF THEIR RELIGION —> ISLAM

    they say things such as…
    “ur doing a good deed, Allah will appreciate what your doing and you’ll go straight to heaven”

    Those kids grow up Listening to such people
    and Than They Do Suicidal Bomb attacks in the name of Allah.

    And Guess What ?
    Who Gets Affected by this ?
    and most of all the MUSLIM community !!

    You Should Look At Pakistan For An Example..
    Its Suffering….People are dying every second
    Suicidal bombs everywhere…
    Woman Dont Have Equal Rights..
    People Die Of Hunger..!
    Little Kids Go Around Streets Begging for money!
    The Rich Don’t Give a Damn About the Poor.
    Instead They Use The Poor as Slaves..
    Poor Parents Selling Their Kids
    Bcz they cant afford FOOD!

    The Government is Shit..
    One Gets elected, Takes Advantage of money
    and than leaves
    another gets elected, takes advantage and

    People over there are So depress
    that When They Go By
    Someones Grave…They Wish
    They were in their place

    But Some are still waiting for a miracle to happen
    Believing in ALLAH, Praying, Bcz They Knw
    He’s Watching From Above..
    they’re still smiling…no matter how much pain their going through…

    SO people
    life’s short you should be happy about
    how ur perfect, no physical disabbilities
    no mental get fresh water too
    drink…and food to eat
    you have a family, that care about you
    friends that make you smile
    a house that keeps you warm
    an internet too keep you intertained!
    what else would you want ?

    You Should Always Smile,
    No Matter What Situation Your in.

    Coz At the end of the day,
    everyones going to be laying dead in their

    ANdd than Your Deeds Will Help You in the real world
    So Make People Smile,
    Help Them Out.
    Bring Peace Instead of these hatrad fights..

    remember my words,


    May Allah Bring You
    Too The Right Path.

  132. S.R

    thank you for writing this, i needed it for my homework. i had to write about how people sterotype muslims, and ignorcism. Thank you

  133. shanyar

    the worlds gonna end soon! im telling you!

  134. Bin Ismail

    What about our following Muslim brothers :

    1. Slodoban Milosovic
    2. Junior (George Bush)
    3. Timothy McVeigh

  135. Khullat

    Dear Bin Ismail

    Remember – “All terrorists are Muslim, therefore all Muslims are terrorists”. You forgot the names of these “Muslim” Terrorists :

    1. Adolf Hitler – for terrorising half the human race and initiating a war that engulfed the whole world.
    2. Hirohito – for terrorising the other half, and again responsible for the deaths of millions.
    3. Truman – for a similarly impressive score, for pulverizing Hiroshima and Nagasaki and conducting the most successful human massacre within a day.

  136. Nusrat Pasha

    The Holy Quran aims at inculcating an attitude of tolerance, accommodation and acceptance with complete and absolute religious freedom for all. The Quran is, in its very mood and attitude a ”Peace Mongering” scripture. The following Quranic references deserve unbiased attention :

    1: ” There is NO coercion in matters of religion. ” (2:256 )
    2: ” Whoever chooses to believe LET him believe and whoever chooses to disbelieve LET him disbelieve ” (18:29)
    3: ” Permission to fight is given ONLY to those against whom war is waged, because they have been wronged ” (32:39).
    4: ” Your religion is for you and my religion is for me ” (109:6)

  137. Rashid Saleem

    No matter how ugly this entire situation looks, sadly it is true. This is our own doing and now we shall pay for it. We confused our own ideologies with the doctrines provided by some badly informed Mullah-clergy. They sold their GOD to us and we bought it without asking why and what are we buying?

  138. Annonymous

    You cant blame muslims all the time 94% of muslims aren’t terrorists yet 6% are. What if your culture was accused, blamed…. Muslim children being teased in school from their parents being born in Pakistan, india, what if you were muslim, what would you do? Its not their fault that they were born there, dont blame ALL muslims because just think about it really hard what if you were muslim? What if your culture was accused and blamed for? THINK ABOUT IT and please dont blame muslims.

  139. Annonymous

    You cant blame muslims all the time 94% of muslims aren’t terrorists yet 6% are. What if your culture was accused, blamed…. Muslim children being teased in school from their parents being born in Pakistan, india, what if you were muslim, what would you do? Its not their fault that they were born there, dont blame ALL muslims because just think about it really hard what if you were muslim? What if your culture was accused and blamed for? THINK ABOUT IT and please dont blame muslims. And yes im a muslim, and im proud to be one! and believe it or not im only 11 with a big heart for islam, i will always be a muslim, i will always fallow islam, and i will always be desi! and in the begining of school last year I was teased……. put your self in other peoples shoes and think about what your talking about.

  140. Bin Ismail

    Dear Annonymous,

    You write impressively well for an 11 year old. May I most respectfully and humbly add:
    1. If 6% of all Muslims were actually terrorists, that would mean that there are 60 million Muslim terrorists in the world. I suppose you got this exaggerated figure from some biased source. True, there are some fanatical mullahs around, but their number certainly is not even close to this.
    2. There is a large silent majority of peace-loving Muslims, who in their hearts know that violence is bad and against the teachings of Islam – but these Muslims don’t speak out – which of course is wrong of them. They should speak out.
    3. “Islam” is not what Muslims do. the actions of individual Muslims do not necessarily reflect the true teachings of Islam. Just as it would not be right to judge Christianity by the actions of Hitler, who was indeed a Christian, it would also not be right to judge Islam by the actions of violent Muslims.

  141. Gorki

    Dear Annonymous:

    First of all, I second Bin Ismail’s observation that you are an unusually bright 11 year old. You are an asset to Islam and if more kids grow up thinking like you do, I am sure we will have better world in th future.

    Second of all I think you may have misunderstood the above article but it is not your fault since it is a very sophisticated form of sarcastic writing.
    In fact the joke is on those people who can’t tell the difference between an average Muslim who is a good citizen like you and a terrorist who is not neccesarily always a Muslim.

    For your understanding I reproduce a part of my own post from Sept 16th addressed to another youngster like you who had gotten similarly upset after reading the article. You can read the whole thing if you like. I hope it sets your mind at ease. 😉
    Best of luck.

    (From a previous post dated Sept 16th 2009)
    “Please understand that the above piece and subsequent comments by Archaeo are a very sophisticated form of satire called black humor.
    It is not meant to be insulting to the Muslims; in fact they are defending the Muslims and their faith.

    They are making fun of all those who are either too stupid that they cannot tell the difference between a terrorist and a regular law abiding Muslim or are too lazy and callous to do so that they just lump all Muslims as ‘terrorists’ “

  142. Annonymous

    Oh ok then, well thank you for clearing everything out. And thank you for those wonderful comments! God bless you! (dont worry im not tooooooooooooooooo religous im religous but i just thought it would be nice to say God bless you)

  143. Bin Ismail

    God bless you too. God bless humanity.

  144. khaleel moshsin

    ohk even though i didnt read the big article (sigh)
    im gona say sumthing
    if ur disrespecting my religion ill respect ur religon more
    if u treat my people (Muslims) ill treat ur people better
    cause in my religion there is no violence
    WHY IS IT THAT HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) forgive every enemy of Islam in the conquest of MAkkah
    because he was a forgiving person and he wanted to show his people things can be solved without violence (in the same way i forgive u).
    yes u might say Muslims are terrorist , and all i have to say for that is that they have been misguided , they followed the imams NOT the teaching of Quran or Holy Prophet (PBUH).

  145. Ana

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH U???? Muslims are not terrorists!!! You should respect us like we respect you. Islam is all about peace and submission to ALLAH (SWT). You sir are very wrong and are disrespectful. You need to learn to respect others religions just as we do. We don’t say , ” Oh, if you see a white guy who is wearing a cross stay away from him”. Like WTF???

  146. Mariam

    the only thing i have to say is this ..

    The (faithful) slaves of the Beneficent are they who walk upon the earth modestly, and when the foolish ones address them answer: Peace; (63)

    its a Quranic verse from The Holy Quran Chapter (AL Furqan) ..

    Peace ..

  147. TerroristKiller

    Accept this or not, it is a fact that every muslim is a born terrorist. Islam is founded upon brutality.

  148. Ganpat Ram

    Irshad Manji has put the point very well.

    There are violent fanatics in many religions, Hinduism and Buddhism not excepted.

    But among the really major religions, it is in Islam that the attitudes and militancy of fanaticism has a main stream following.

    Osama bin Lden has been infinitely more popular among Muslims than Timothy McVeigh ever was among the followers of Jesus.

    Hence people’s wariness of Islam.

  149. Ganpat Ram


    Sorry to spoil the festival of mushaira sycophancy.

    I thought it was time someone put in a word to call attention to the reality.

  150. Nupur

    i dont accept that all muslims are terrorist but its somehow true that all terrorists are muslims but that doesnt bring us to any conclusion.Both totally have a different meaning.i mean it doesnt make any sense to blame a whole group[religion] just for the fault of some useless characters…

  151. WWW

    khaleel moshsin and Ana plz calm down already. It has already been stated that this article is NOT accusing all muslim’s of being terrorists and is simply “black humor” that criticizes people who are to stupid to tell the difference between a terrorist and a muslim. Secondly hats of to Annonymous for those pieces, and I agree that your mind is great for an 11 year old. May Allah bestow peace and blessings upon you.

  152. WWW

    These comments were great to read. Way to brighten up my day =)

  153. WWW

    @ TerroristKiller Just making a point that Islam ain’t based on brutality, it was based on peace. I’m a muslim youth and I wasn’t born a terrorist either.

  154. Eff Islam

    Edited for hateful and dereogatory messages. You are no longer welcome to post at PTH

    {Editors, PTH}

  155. hakto

    For each Muslims and non-Muslim. Beautiful gift…
    Use your mind.

    I think common sense will not let you down ….

    Follow the link ( )

  156. It is true that behind every mass movement or idea, an ‘ism’ is attached. This ‘ism’ is often coherent with the ideology of the followers or a name quoted by media. It is the media, who have reserved the word ‘terrorism’ exclusively for Jihadis! All others who are involved in such activities are given different ‘isms’ that either glorify their work or softens their acts of terror!

    So terrorists in Jharkhand are called ‘maoists’ or ‘naxals’. Terrorists in the north-eastern states are called ‘militants’. Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka are dubbed as ‘tigers’ while the Irish terrorists were ‘separatists’. Terrorists in Africa are ‘insurgents’, The Cuban terrorists were ‘rebels’, the Hungarian ones were ‘extremists’, the Chinese terrorists are ‘radicals’ and the American terrorists are ‘counter-insurgents’. The Israeli terrorists are ‘commandos’ and the communist terrorists are ‘revolutionaries’


  157. zainab

    Wow!!! seriously folks, you guys are soo damn annoying! muslim, christian, jew, hindi, anyone who loves to constantly fight!!! just chillout for a sec, u peices of garbage. no one here knows what effin peace is, you guys are all damn terrorist in training! no seriously, u guys have no damn lives fighting on the stupid internet, on wheither all muslims are terrorist or not?
    grow uppp!!! i expect this kind of behavior from little 5 year olds, not, 20 30 40 year old men!!! wow! man
    how idiotic could this world be…very!!
    you guys are all crap, probably all weeners arguing behind a computer screen!
    grow the hell up u damn things!!!!!

  158. zainab


    believe this or not, but EVERYONE is born a muslim!! you fill find out the truth hopefully soon, when u actually do some research, but if not soon, then im sorry to say this but, when you die…
    anyways, have a awesome summer 😀

  159. personally, zainab bibi, if growing up means expressing not one but three !!! every other sentence and using phrases like
    “wow! man!”
    i’d rather remain a child.
    : )

    though i have to agree that by all some standards i am some variety or other of crap.

    i look forward to having an awe-summer.
    not sure if your wishes in this regard were directed specifically toward @terr-klr or all of us in general.

    kinkminos aka ginkminos

  160. Terrorist?

    I would like to congratulate kinkminos, Archaeo and co. for accomplishing such an advanced level of this simple form of communication that can thankfully be put into words on the Internet.

    I hope that one day I will be able to write at this calibre. Alas, this day will be far away as I failed to come to a complete understanding with this piece at first. Incomplete being unsure.

    I, as a Muslim, do not believe terrorism to be Islamic or terrorists to be Muslims.- I just wanted to clarify this.

    For once I am looking forward to learning something in English. Kinkminos, you have succeeded where my English teachers have failed.

    “whatever you are, be a good one”- Abraham Lincoln

  161. Bettie

    Muslims, why do you assume that everyone who criticizes Islam has not read the Quran? I wonder how many of YOU have read the Quran cover to cover, start to finish, like I have. I found it to be 90% hate, violence, horrible prejudice against Jews, cruelty, warfare, domination, false pride; 10% or less peace, love and kindness. It is also filled with nonsense like “Stars are lamps and also MISSILES WHICH ALLAH THROWS AT DEVILS!” I really want to hear a Muslim even try to defend the Quran as “the word of God” and “scientifically accurate” with lines like that. But I’m thinking that any Muslim who responds to me will tell not even mention the “stars as missiles for Allah to throw at devils” line and will tell me to read the Quran again (as if the book would change magically into wisdom and goodness) or act like somehow I’ve gotten the wrong Quran or something. Sorry, I’ve read more than one translation of the Quran and it’s still savage and barbaric. I think everyone SHOULD read the Quran and also a good collection of Hadith and any biography of Mohammed you like. Mohammed’s life and character match perfectly with the Quran: He robbed, looted and terrorized nearby tribes who would not become Muslims, killing the males and taking the women for wives (after murdering the original husbands) or slaves. He also torttured or ordered the torturing (to death) of others, and asked his followers to assasinate even a pregnant woman who was making fun of him! Let’s not even get into his marriage and sex with a child who was “still playing with dolls”, Aisha. I ask you: what kind of role model is this??? ( And biographies I’ve read about Mohammed were mostly written by Muslims, who actually praised this behavior. So, please don’t write in to tell me that these are terrible lies written by people who hate Islam. WRITTEN BY DEVOTED MUSLIMS WHO SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH THiS BEHAVIOR BY “The Best of Men”.)

  162. Bettie

    So, my point is that Islam naturally breeds terrorists because it was started by someone much like the terrorists of today, except he was a little smarter and didn’t kill himself. (And the Quran is a manual for violence and warfare. The “peace of Islam” is “surrender”. It will be peaceful when the Muslims conquer, convert, dominate or murder everyone else.) See how fast Muslims flare up with threats and intimidation, even mumbling “say a single word more about Islam…I will kill”…right here on this website. The apples don’t fall very far from the tree.

  163. shumaila

    some people just dont understand that not all terrorist are muslim and not all muslims are a terrorist, so it will be good if they do before they can say something about others

  164. we are not all terrorist that is the dumpiest thing iv ever herd