The unreasonable – a poem

by Aadil Omer

“A reasonable man adapts himself to the world while an unreasonable man tries to adapt the world to himself, so all the the progress depends on the unreasonable men”
(George Bernard Shaw)

Its not just today,
That I’ve been scorned,
For venturing into,
A land; unseen.
That I’ve been shunned,
For flouting the norms,
Set by those who
call themselves ‘normal’.

I have been criticized,
For defying the logic,
Of the logical,
Since eternity.
I’m endowed with instincts,
Of liberty; hence my evolution,
And evolution of the world,
Is dependent,
On each deviation,
And each of my exploration,
Of the unseen.
Yet there are those,
To whom I’m insane,
If I conform
They will embrace me,
But doing so,
Will be a disgrace,
On my part, to the instincts,
I carry; of liberty and creativity.
Thus, I’d gleefully take,
The tag of insane,
The unreasonable!


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2 responses to “The unreasonable – a poem

  1. Great Poem , Thanks for sharing…

  2. Thanks a lot Jasdeep!