Sab Thath pada reh jaye ga…(When the gypsy-headman leaves)

These pithy Urdu verses by Nazeer Akbarabadi lament that all will be abandoned when the Banjara (gypsy), the headman or Naik in the folklore, [or at a general level the life-traveller] will leave his temporal abode. The verses are layered in their meaning and can be interpreted in several ways. However, this was an apt reminder of our good-old General’s rather spectacular exit.

Leave your lust and greed,

O man, wander not in distant lands,

The fiend of death will rob your wealth

Well, done Pakistan. And, the adventurers must learn a lesson or two. All headmen-gypsies have to move. Nothing is permanent including the intoxicating power-trips.

Wish someone would translate these for me.

(Raza Rumi)


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4 responses to “Sab Thath pada reh jaye ga…(When the gypsy-headman leaves)

  1. Well i agree with you sir that this is the victorious moment for the democratic forces of Pakistan,but meanwhile i felt deep sorrow that we lost the greatets leaser,Benazir Bhutto in all this worst game and now i believe that all those forces like Ch-Jus Ch-Iftikhar,MMA,PML Q etc etc whom were the part and the parcel of Gen.Musharraf being alloted a clean chit.
    This is a mess i believe and now we must speak/write on this issue too that all rotten eggsCh-Jus Ch-Iftikhar,MMA,PML Q etc etc should also be questioned in the wirness box of the masses.
    But Thanks to the Right wing emdia that now again they will start bunking against Zardari&PPP,but they would’nt say a single word against these mentioned Facists!

  2. Manzoor

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    George Santayana

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  4. Naghman Zuberi

    Now the country is going through this situation… and again in the words of Nazeer Akbarabadi:

    zardaar, maaldaar, gadaa, shaah kyaa vaziir
    sardaar kyaa Ghariib, tavaNgar ho yaa faqiir
    har dam sabhoN ko dekha isii jaal meiN asiir
    apnii yehii duaa hai shab-o-roz ai Nazeer

    de sharm-o-aabruu se Khudaa peT ke liye