Loneliness is like Absinthe

Loneliness is like absinthe,
The old potion of poets
Of Paris and its quarters
Only to be captured
In words or paint

Sour as you walk,
Feel these droplets of rain
Harder to swallow
The indomitable taste
When offered
The old pain

And in presence amongst us
Like those wild flowers
Scattered in time,
In an unmarked islands
To witness the old mosaics
Survive you may,
But remains in place,
The old prison

Bounded in its fabrication
As fly in spider’s web
Breathless, in our attempts
An appearance for posterity
Learn you may,
From these experiences of past
But bite it will,
The old venom

In its hazel shades
And in its steppes of moments
A noise, unfiltered,
To forget is to rewind
In the oceans of time
The old reference

Carries it the remains
Of our actions and fortunes
Only to be captured
In words random
Too many efforts,
To remain, out of its claws
The old jungle

But beautiful it is,
Like an old sky
Those old footsteps
Of mankind and its marks
In darkened souls
Of adventure and wisdom
The old light

No prices or offers of ransom
Of its beauty and grandeur
As they drink absinthe
The old potion of poets
In the old Latin quarters
For words and for paint!




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5 responses to “Loneliness is like Absinthe

  1. pringles

    Beautiful imagery and very unique recreation of loneliness.
    The only drawback is that poem is too long and the intensity dissolves after first three stanzas.
    But really beautiful.

  2. Ah, splendid work. Love it. Beautifully detailed imagery indeed.

  3. Qandeel

    But bite it will,
    the old venom

    Wah wah

  4. kashkin

    Thanks Pringles, Kannathil and Qandeel for your comments on ” Loneliness is like Absinthe”

  5. saadat


    I abhor to be all alone by myself
    Like an old bottle stood on the shelf

    Me my swooning soul all alone
    with none but my shadow clone

    Just there twirling my thumbs
    mindless and just plain dumb

    every time my silhouette says
    How shall we both pass the days

    Lonely as ive been for years now
    not knowing the where or the how

    Now that my shadow too has gone
    the dusky grey has left me forlorn

    Wept an cried but zilch in return
    My heart and soul hurtfully burn

    What would be? As the time flies
    shall I let bye gones be byes

    Speak and tell me How to live
    Seek someone who is there to give

    surely someone better than me
    must rub my eyes to clearly see