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High Court stops McDonald’s at Lahore, Islamabad airports

Let’s see what happens – before another bench sets this aside.

LAHORE: Justice Hamid Ali Shah of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday issued stay orders against the establishment of franchise restaurants at either of the Lahore and Islamabad airports since the restaurants were being established without advertising tenders for the purpose. The judge also issued notices to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) general manager (commercial) for permitting Siza Foods to set up franchises of McDonald’s at the two airports, the petitioner’s counsel Taffazul Haider Rizvi told Daily Times after the hearing on Tuesday. The petitioner complained that the law required the CAA to approve commercial licences only after advertising their tenders in newspapers. The procedure had not been followed, he added. The judge told the CAA general manager to file his comments by the next hearing. Daily Times staff report



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Pakistan Turns into Toba Tek Singh

Isa Daudpota

Pakistan is like an airplane lost in a dark ominous cloud, running on autopilot. Its coordinates and destination were set by previous crew members, who have been made to disappear or have parachuted out.

Passengers with gurgling stomachs and sweaty brows having long realized the trouble and appear paralyzed. They have seen a stream of crew members pushed off the plane or bail out with parachute — shady hunks in khakis, but some rare trustworthy ones too.

The Captain, Asif Zardari, took over when his wife was shoved off the plane. The First Officer, Nawaz Sharif, is there propped up by his benefactor General Zia ul Haq. CIA operatives onboard, passengers learned, had forced Zia to jump off with a crate of mangoes tied to him.

Every so often the passengers are flashed the grinning faces of the two pilots to assure them that the plane is in safe hands. A sharp journalist on flight notes the lack of sparkle and empathy in their eyes and wonders if their bright smiles are a sham.

Air traffic control is in the hands of General Pervez Musharraf supported by American engineers. They built the autopilot and are the only people who now have flight plan that was entered in the plane. Suddenly, a violent thumping on the door disturbs the peace inside the locked control room. Outside, deposed Chief Justice Chaudhry Iftikhar and his attorney Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan having caught wind of the plot are trying to force their way in. Continue reading


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