Islamabad is ablaze again

ISLAMABAD: A suicide blast near Melody Chowk area has left 19 people dead including 15 policemen and over 40 have been injured.

The IG Islamabad has termed it a suicide attack, Police has cordoned off entire area, according to Geo News correspondent, the blast occurred in front of Aabpara police station after the Lal Masjid conference. Body parts were scattered in the area and ambulances reached the site of the blast.

Nearly 40 injured have been shifted to Islamabad’s Poly Clinic hospital and most of the injured include policemen. Emergency has been declared in all the hospitals of Islamabad.

Bomb disposal squad has reached the site of the blast. According to information, Reserve police personnel were targeted in the blast and the dead include policemen from Islamabad and Punjab. Death toll is expected to mount considering the intensity of the blast.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Amir Ahmed Ali along with other senior officials has reached the place. Station House Officer Sehala, Inspector Sarwar has also been killed in the blast.


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2 responses to “Islamabad is ablaze again

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  2. Meer

    One party that benefits from PPP/MQM/ANP rift is Nawaz league which is feeling pretty left out these days. Nawaz league also has ties with Taliban, in fact Taliban patriarch Maulana Samiula Haq was one of the first to meet Nawaz Sharif after his party’s elections victory.

    While everyone is still contemplating reasons and perpetrators behind those blasts, Nawaz League’s Rana Sanuallah in his press conference has squarely placed blame today on action in Khyber Agency. How do they know?

    Note that there have been almost no bombings in Punjab. Even the two in Lahore in the past at FIA building and other on Naval College were on federal agency and military and not on Punjab government installations. It seems whoever is blowing us up is trying to stir trouble for centre and PPP/ANP/MQM alliance but is buddy buddy with government in Punjab.

    Add to this the fact that politicians form Punjab have a long history of using religious powers towards their own means specially in brining down or putting pressure on central governments and keeping other provinces in line. It comes so naturally to them…almost text book. Its no coincidence that both Jamaat-e-Islami (who were once strong in Karachi) and Wafaqul Madarass (the main madrassa organization to which extremists like lal masjid are connected) have their HQs based in Punjab. Nawaz is not happy with MQM as MQM has its own independent mind not in sync with Nawaz as Jamaat-e-Islami would be. A recent report says that Punjab University administration has lodged many FIRs against Islami Jamait-e-Talab ghundays but no action has been taken on them by Police. 12 May is just an excuse for Nawaz to legitimise his resentment for MQM, Shehbaz has killed many more people in “police muqaablay” than MQM possibly could have on 12 May.

    Nawaz is also not happy with ANP, another party with its own mind and would love Taliban to keep ANP in check for Nawaz league. Nawaz league’s Ch Nisar immediately held a press conference after Khyber operation began, condemning the very peaceful Khyber operation while he or Nawaz league did not shed a single false tear for people who were kidnapped or burned by Taliban. How much regard Nawaz league has for sanctity of law, human lives and citizen’s of other provinces is pretty obvious to us all and as soon as Nawaz league has got all the votes they could in both general and by-elections they have run away from judiciary issue like cat on fire. Nawaz league simply capitalised on a movement started by lawyers and supported by public…and now for them khail khatam pesa hazam..

    I would say Nawaz league and Mullahs are trying to bring centre and provinces in line…as always. Whether they will succeed in this or it will back fire is open to speculation.