All Yours Now

Bring you will “the revolution” they said,
As my young soul stared into its existence,
From those tables where they all ate,
Fruits, knowledge and fear of unknown
Raise yourself, you have learnt enough
Our voices will be there, always
Unfold your arms, don’t remain silent
The old desks, heavy in their burden
As my old friends let me disappear
From their world of magic and wisdom

Never be afraid and never let it hide
The old feelings of friendship and struggle
Keep it close to you, this old gift
You can help them, you can change
Bring them potions of magic and splendor
Remain you will strange in this world
Ignore those misconceptions and darkness
As my young soul started into existence
With old questions of myth and legends
The only solace, the only comfort
My years of desert, my years of mountains

Years later, there I stand, returned
From a distant land, to fulfill
The old promise, the old dreams
Hear me my friend, hear me those old desks
The old memory of language and words
Now in possession, arrives in its instincts
As stitches are formed, from hands
Of perfection, from hands of toil and labor
Here I stand my friends, like your own
Not far away, this revolution, just let go
These old fears of conscience and ego
Remained I have always inside you
Like a forgetful silence, like a faithful servant
All yours now – my life, my blood and words!


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