Awami Jamhori Forum’s new issue

Awami Jamhori Forum’s latest issue 44 (20th June 2008) has been uploaded here.

In the current issue AJF magazine, you will find some important articles regarding left, liberal and nationalist politics of Pakistan along with some articles on international issues. Some highlights for those who may be interested are:

• An eye opening interview of a Bengali Nationalist, Mr. Kamal Lohani who unfolds weaknesses of Bengali nationalist movement and also throws light on 37 years post freedom Bangladesh.

• Two articles on great Mian Iftikhar ud Din (one by Kashif Bukhari and other by Rauf Malik) who was the first Muslim leaguer who opposed Qarar Dade-Maqasad. He was founder of daily Pakistan times, Imroz and weekly Lail lo Nehar. He also was the founder of Azad Pakistan party which later joined National Awami Party.

• Regular columns of Prof Khalid Mahmood, Salman Sawati, Hukam Singh Siasi, Iqbal Bali,

Regular articles of Tufail Dhana, Shah Mohamad Marri , Dr. Ravish Nadeem, Mahmood Qazi, Qaisar Nazir Khawar and Dr. Afshan Zaheer

• A critical article on Faiz-Izat Majeed controversy by Dr Manzur Ijaz

• Two special articles on situation of ‘tribal belt’ by Raja Waliat and another by Mujahid Mirza

• An exclusive article by Khurshid Javed on Bukharin

• An article by Mahfoz Khan on bleeding Multan

• An exclusive book review on a book regarding the struggle of Punjab University students in recent times by Q.N.Khawar. Also a stunning Film Review on film ‘AMU’ a must see.

You can also visit their archive web site


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