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She is a Woman Impure – by Fahmida Riaz

She is a Woman Impure

She is a woman impure
Trapped in the cycle of blood
In the chain of years and months
Burning in the fire of lust
Seeking her pleasures
Mistress of the devil
Following his ways
Towards that elusive goal
Which has no route
That meeting of light and fire
Which is so hard to find.
Boiling blood inside her veins
Has torn her breasts,
The thorns on her way
Have severed her womb,
On her body’s shame
There is no shade of sanctity,
But, O gods who rule this earth,
You shall never see
This woman impure
With a prayer on her lips
As a supplicant at your door.

Poem by Fahmida Riaz
Translated by Mahmood Jamal
Fehmida’s portrait courtesy K.B. Abro


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A Killing in the name of Religion

 By Salam Dharejo (writing for the NEWSLINE)

“Poverty compelled me to send Jagdish for better earning in Karachi, in return I received flatten body of my son. I still do not know what the sin he made so was he brutally killed.”  Pirbhu ji the father of Jagdish while talking from Mirpur Khas to Newsline on phone could not utter more words but his sobs told the story that how parents had been grieve on the unnatural death of Jagdish who has committed no sin but a love with the Muslim girl.  Jagdish the 27 years old the Hindu worker of NOVA leather factory was killed by his co-workers on the charge of blasphemy in the presence of police and security guards including with hundreds of workers.

 The brutal incident of killing of Jagdish Kumar took place at the NOVA factory located in Korangi industrial area where Jagdish has been working in the stitching department since last one year. According to the information revealed by his co-workers, the killing of Jagdish happened because of his had love affair with a girl (Shugufta don’t mention her name in the article) the worker of the same department. The other Muslim workers were not happy on the cordial relationship of the Muslim girl with a Hindu, particularly Waqas, Usman and Hashim, the worker of the same factory were not happy with the relationship. It has been learnt from the factory workers that Jagdish was threatened by above-mentioned persons to leave the factory otherwise be ready for worst consequences. Consequently Jagdish has not been come to factory in a fear for two days.   

 On April 8, he resumed work in the factory where he had quarrel with the same persons and they started beating Jadish and alleged that he has uttered blasphemous words against the Prophet. In the meantime, Ms. Noshaba the supervisor of the department, who was aware about the affair of Jagdish, interrupted and simply snapping Jagdish resolved the problem at 10 am. After the incident numerous spread in the factory that Jagdish has uttered blasphemous words against Prophet consequently group of Muslim workers entered in the department and started beating Jagdish. Realizing the terrified severity of incident, Aslam Gujar the security incharge was informed about the situation and he send Naeem the security personnel who brought Jadish into the security room at 11-45 am. In the mean time factory administration called police to control the worsening situation at 12.17 pm  Continue reading


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