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Long March

Pak Tea House’s poet in residence, Kashkin, muses on the long march to Islamabad, they say…. (Raza Rumi)

“Dedicated to all who have contributed in this struggle”

Arrival of a dawn of this new beginning
As the nation march, with prayers and hope
In preparation, the state and its machines
In preparation, the nation and its voice
Brings them together, the old oppression
The muffled rage from years of existence
In the old corridors, in the old avenues
The city of green, the city of conceit
Walk with me, the annals of tomorrow
The only chance to witness your present
Witness this place, where history is made.

Long live the justice, long live those voices
Imprinted and inside, in hands and in souls
No longer the concern where it will take
The old fate, the old destiny and its effect
From years of sleep; from years of its demise
As the clock strikes its decisions on the wall,
In oblivion they reside, in oblivion they perform
The old routines, the old disease of greed
Time to remove, the old despair and stigma
Never will we stop, never will we rest
For our tomorrow, for justice and freedom

Trade we will not, this promise of change
Trade we will not, our conscience and soul
Rise my friends through these moments of time,
Of choices we have and all that remains
As each step gathers a pace, in silence in formation
As each pace gathers a storm, in its existence
The voices of Kurd and voices of suffering
The wakeup call, for our tomorrow
In this hour of decision, what will we do?
Not enough, this participation from the corner
Time to settle, the old matters,
Will you stop me, my brothers and my sisters?
What will you do, it’s only the voice
It’s only the truth, no options left Continue reading


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The plastic bag

No longer needed,
The art of appeasement
The life she led
Throws she in the air,
Her belongings, unwanted
From years of apprehension
comes forward,
Another witness
She killed herself, not me!


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Pleasantly Surprised, In Islamabad

By Yoginder Sikand

Islamabad is surely the most well-organised, picturesque and endearing city in all of South Asia. Few Indians would, however, know this, or, if they did, would admit it. After all, the Indian media never
highlights anything positive about Pakistan, because for it only ‘bad’
news about the country appears to be considered ‘newsworthy’. That realization hit me as a rude shock the moment I stepped out of the plane and entered Islamabad’s plush International Airport, easily far more efficient, modern and better maintained than any of its counterparts in India. And right through my week-long stay in the city, I could not help comparing Islamabad favourably with every other South Asian city that I have visited.

That week in Islamabad consisted essentially of a long string of
pleasant surprises, for I had expected Islamabad to be everything that Continue reading


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