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The struggle for Islam’s soul: Subverting the discourse of exclusion 4

by Shaheryar Ali

Of the three great systems of exclusion governing discourse — prohibited words, the division of madness and the will to truth ———“

“I believe we must resolve ourselves to accept three decisions which our current thinking rather tends to resist, and which belong to the three groups of function I have just mentioned: to question our will to truth; to restore to discourse its character as an event; to abolish the sovereignty of the signifier…. One can straight away distinguish some of the methodological demands they imply. A principle of reversal, first of all…. Next, then, the principle of discontinuity ….”

Michel Foucault

I am planning to do all this , I am trying to bring forward the “prohibited voices”, those which have been totally eclipsed in the society by the dominant discourse. This is not “endorsing” one and rejecting “others”, rather, its simply a act of breathing , an act of subversion ,of saying what is not pleasant to hear, Its simply an act of living in the rotten stagnant conformity.

Due to the overtly political nature of “war on terror”, the Islamism has suffered a qualitative change , it has taken the postmodern shape. The Progressive Islamist circles have in turn become “Post-Islamists”, the result is emergence of a discourse which is reactionary, anti modern and some times overtly racist and fascist.

Islam has nothing to do with violence

Islam needs no re-thinking or change

Its all Jewish conspiracy

Its all America’s fault. Continue reading

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On Democracy: Choices we have to make

Who said politics is a noble profession. I don’t think it was mentioned for us as a nation or as a society as it clearly dictates in our attitudes and behavior that we are not politically matured and secondly no notion of integrity and honesty in what we do and how we do it. Every day I hear meaningless conversation by our politicians, far removed from the plight of a common man’s problem and lack of any skills which can enable them to understand its perception.

Our Prime Ministers, current and former, our ministers from the previous and current governments, our retired army generals who have become the analysts, our media, everyone wanting to present and paint the picture but there is a serious problem. The words they say somehow or no longer can motivate and inspire this nation from the depth of its problems. All those issues surrounding judiciary, of electricity and water, of hunger and poverty have taken Pakistan into despair and anger.

For every opportunity that arises to discuss this but we do not notice as we rather waste our time on debates and dialogues on our personal differences instead of removing confusion and guiding and inspiring this nation to do something with their lives.. Continue reading

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