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Reported Crimes in Pakistan

Some interesting data analysis here

Given the recent bombings in Pakistan, it may be worth asking whether these are “special events” or indicators of a general upsurge in violence.

Here are 4 pictures showing what has happened to reported crime rates and the number of police stations in Pakistan between 1997 and 2006. The red line in each shows the year that Musharraf came to power. All crime as well as murder, attempted murder and kidnapping declined till 2001. Since then, they all started rising and increased particularly fast after 2003. The picture on the bottom right shows the increase in police stations in the four main provinces—Punjab, NWFP, Sindh and Balochistan; the number is normalized to 100 for each province in 1999. There is little or no increase in the first three, but in Balochistan the total number of police stations increased by 62 percent…

The pictures are all sourced from data presented in the Pakistan Statistical Yearbook, 2006, linked here.

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Every day is (not) sun-day

The greatest show on earth unfolds
each morning, just before dawning,
to the lilting tune of
a million and one stone cold
engines revving,
under starter’s orders,
in meager anticipation of a
most glorious three-hour jaunt
from suburbia into town,
resignated drivers nursing backsides Continue reading


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