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The hills were alive

a short walk thru the kaddu-kash by kinkminos

Stoning for survival wasn’t
the only option in those days.
Angles were wider. Focuses deeper
(or better apertured)
(or easier, anyway).
Targets were cheaper, in
a tactical sort of way.
Freedoms were brighter.
Skylines less hurried.
Sunsets more exotic.
And sun-up the time to
call out to her, call it a day
and turn in for the night.

minos – 16 april 2008


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The Cancer of the Conquered

By Mozaffar

When a people begin to believe they have been defeated they have entered a bottomless pit. They continue and continue and continue to live in defeat. It is a cycle that can cripple a people not for a year, not for a century, but for a millennium.

Thus we look at so many communities across the globe. These communities celebrate a distant, idyllic past, a past fueled with great heroes and accomplishments. They celebrate a past without which — they claim — today would not be today. And, these claims of the greatness of the past are to somehow bring these people on the same level as the conquerors of today.

Not to be.

That celebration of the past is fuel. It is fuel for the vicious circle of defeatism. It perpetuates a longing for something that never existed as a hope for a future that is not there or theirs. It is also an excuse, an excuse to continue this life of grief. Continue reading

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The Pyre

Carry they grudges like old traditions
As our politicians wrestle with our present
Open up their beginnings with marks of shame
In echo the words of reconciliation but actions
Different, as like old times, of fight and anger
As they move us around, as they hurl us into air

Carry they us the nation like unwanted gift
Away in the corner, deprived of light
Walks in the old devotion to feudalism
From ignorance comes only ignorance
Enough we hear and enough we see
But they don’t, they never will
As they throw us in the pyre of indifference

Long time it has been since the day
And yet the only signs are of incompetence
Blame we will our past, blame we will all
Asleep in their protection and in their beliefs
Concepts of change, revolution and promise
As they move us around, as they hurl us into air
As this pyre burns, and we watch in silence
It’s not our fate and destiny we could blame
It’s us the nation, me and you, weak and fearful!


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