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And I’m the Duke of Ferrara

Did i ever rev the Enzo
that Gianni San Lorenzo
sent to meet me on the mottled chartreuse lawns
of Pir Salahuddin Ayubi’s only living female cousin,
one Her Highness Phoolan Bibi
Hajira Mastoora
Mehrunnissa Begum Mahival,
who took me under her comforting wing,
and nursed me in her motherly way,
and made me think i’d like to love
again, so to speak.

minos – 16 april 2008

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Monkey see, monkey no like

by Feisal Naqvi

Imagine you are a monkey being offered a grape in exchange for pressing a lever. I imagine you would be a happy monkey.

Now imagine you see another monkey who is also being offered goodies in exchange for pressing a lever. Except, that the other monkey gets two grapes for doing what you did.

Back to you. Now, you are an excited monkey. You press the lever again and you get … one grape. What do you do?

It turns out that in a significant majority of cases, what you do is throw a complete tantrum and chuck the grape back. What you want is what the other monkey got. And if you don’t get it, you are not a happy monkey. Continue reading

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