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If you’re going to read one Op-Ed about Karachi…

Karachi at dusk
Karachi at dusk

We’ve had a lot of angst, and whatnot about the events in Karachi. Please do read the piece below. Kamal is a friend, too, but he’s evolved into one of the most objective observers I know in the business–anywhere. [Yes, more so than I.]

Much as it is tempting to get angry at this or that party, the events of 1973–or Palestine in 2007/8–should force us to take a step back and think. And think not even the cycnical ‘Who benefits from this turmoil?’ that we’ve all come to do every time something happens in our country, but think ‘Who loses from, as Kamal calls it, the “crippling [of Pakistan’s] commercial capital?” no matter how justified one’s personal outrage. Wasn’t it the same people now crying out about the events of April 9 also the ones that expressed outrage and being boggled by the outrage and unrest at Benazir’s assasination? Continue reading

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When will Pakistan recognize Kosovo?

by cheshmgir

With the new government one hopes Kosovo is recognized sooner rather then later. The map below shows the countries which have recognized Kosovo in blue. The ones who are expected to soon are shown in yellow. It is startling how many countries in the Middle East are still to recognize the country. Continue reading


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