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Zeeshan Sahil – a few poems

 by Raza Rumi

I just learnt through an email by Ajmal Kamal that the eminent poet Zeeshan Sahil is no more. What could be a better way of remembering him than reading his poetry. I found a translation of his poem A Poem For You here

 A Poem for You

The world is the wrong place to live
if one had to live forever.
Each day life
would become more unbearable.
But the happiness of traveling on the bus
with Saiduddin,
and the melting wax from the burning candle
on your dressing table,
and the smoke collecting on your mirror
make up for everything.
The flowers pressed in my book
grow in to jungle dreams.
Your fingers trace many different paths
in the dust on the Formica.
And in the city with many blank street signs
when the night becomes darker,
your uneasy presence makes
the stars unnecessary, the moon redundant,
and the sea superfluous.
Your memory and the mounting pressure around my
make me pray.
Despite the eternal anger of God toward poets,
my prayer always begins with you.

Translated by Raza Ali Hasan and Christopher Kennedy

More poems here; but I am also posting another one entitled Bookworms below.

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Death in Dubai

A disturbing piece by  Ron Gluckman in Dubai, UAE – a must read. Ron writes about how, “Every year, scores of kidnapped children are smuggled from South Asia to the Middle East where they are maimed and killed, all for the amusement of the oil-rich rulers of kingdoms on the camel racing circuit.


ONE OF THE WORLD’S TOP JOCKEYS poses for a photo by the track. His smile says it all. Two front teeth are missing. Raji Shubir ranks with the youngest champions of the race course.  Continue reading


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Community-Based Snow Leopard Conservation in Pakistan’s Northern Areas

Rakaposhi Peak, Northern Pakistan - 7788m (25,554 ft) 

Text and photo from this useful website Continue reading

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Besakhi festival starts

 4,000 Indian Sikh pilgrims have reached Wahga border
*Over 12,000 Sikhs will visit Pakistan for this festival The Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (PSGPC) and Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) will welcome about 4,000 Indian Sikh pilgrims arriving today (Friday) for the Besakhi Festival, ETPB officials told Daily Times on Thursday. Continue reading

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