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The roots of terrorism

By Adil Zareef

AS the incumbent government gears up to meet myriad
challenges, Mangal Bagh is becoming the new recurring
nightmare in the NWFP. He left a trail of bloodshed,
pillage and mayhem when he attacked unarmed villagers
in Sheikhan, near Peshawar, and demolished a 16th
century shrine. Mangal Bagh later forced the famous
Karkhano market shut for days, causing economic losses
running into millions of rupees.

Recently he attacked another shrine in Khyber Agency
and harassed women who traditionally pray there.
Traffic in adjoining areas was brought to a halt for a
few days as tribals protested against these excesses
committed right under the nose of Pakistan’s mammoth
security apparatus.

For some these incidents produce a sense of déjà vu
given what has happed in Waziristan, Bajaur, Swat,
Darra Adamkhel and now on the outskirts of Peshawar.
The ‘star’ of the story is Mangal Bagh from Bara
tehsil who heads the notorious Lashkar-i-Islam and
preaches extremism on his FM radio stations. Mangal
Bagh’s sudden rise, his swift success in setting up a
parallel administration and the freedom with which his
anti-vice squads challenge the writ of the state has
convinced many of the political administration’s
complicity in this new phenomenon. Continue reading


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