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SHALI in ISLAMABAD on March 25, 2008

SHANAAKHT – A Nomad Forum for the Arts

Screening of SHALI a telefilm from the powerful series Aseer Shahzadi produced by HUM Television…

A touching story pertaining to abuse against women in our male dominated society with regard to child marriages. The issues presented in these plays are of universal concern, with women being the victims of these evil practices. Sensitive issues are brought forward to make people realize the severity of the prevailing injustices to females. Shali, the 14 year old protagonist, a mere child living in the city’s slums, has no clue what it entails to be married…..

Written by Attiya Dawood, well known writer, activist and poet…have dealt with each story in a thoughtful and sensitive manner which is typical of her writings. SHALI will move your hearts and make you think and hopefully do something for these distressed and troubled souls. Continue reading

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Paradise Found: Pakistan’s Charakusa Valley


Found this racy travel account here – the pictures are stunning and the narrative right from the heart and informal.

Kc_arrive_k7_968__2Our friend Kelly Cordes, who tests gear and writes copy for us, went
climbing in the Charakusa Valley of Pakistan last summer and sent us
some photos to share. Though Kelly and his climbing partner, Scott
DeCapio, were unsuccessful on their attempt at a new line on K7, they
returned with some spectacular images — enjoy!
[Photo: Arrival into base camp in Pakistan’s Charakusa Valley, late August, 2007, with K7 in the background. All photos © Kelly Cordes]
Kc_isb_airport_792_2Arrival at the Islamabad airport. Things look calm here, but generally it’s mass chaos, which sounds intimidating except that everyone’s super friendly. This was my third time to Pakistan – the place grows on ya, in large part because of the incredible people, especially in the villages. In all my travels, nowhere in the world have I been greeted with the kindness and warmth of the people of northern Pakistan. The spectacular mountains feed the attraction, too. Continue reading


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The final round?

by Lal Salam

Hell, the man couldn’t even rig an election properly. He’s definitely off his game. But, reading the comments of American administration officials about Pakistan these days is like trying to make sense of the rantings of a schizoid loonie, or maybe a small child who still believes that fairies exist.

The truth is that the Bushes and Rices of the world prefer to throw good money after bad if there’s only one thief and liar acting as a conduit. With so many new players in the game, who can US officials trust to tell them those sweet post-9/11 lies as prettily as Musharraf?

Zardari talked a good game on CNN’s opinion pages recently, taking particular umbrage at the thought of international assistance being “diverted” towards “making Pakistan’s affluent few richer”. Insert your own joke here.

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my search continues

a pome of stunning sophist(r)ication by kinkminos


i tried and tried but
could not find the peace of mind
i sought through you
without a few of the choicer cuts
caressing my brow
both furrowed and ploughed
by my inability to feel
the slightest twinge of gloom at
an utter lack of joy in this
the once deserted now converted paradice
whose poets laureate
do often wonder why is
insufficiently supported by
row upon row of
gilded postmodern columns
of most unromantic despair

minos – march 2008

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