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Pakistani musicians in NWFP long for better times

Things are likely to change for Zareen Gul…?

Read this story from the Daily Times.

 Zareen Gul sits on the floor of his small recording studio in the Pakistani city of Peshawar and complains that he feels like a criminal for wanting to make music.

A dusty computer and several recording machines are stacked on racks in his two-room Shama Recording Studio in the city’s busy Khyber Bazaar but nothing is switched on.

Gul, who records pop songs in the Pushto language, moved to Peshawar two years ago from his home of Bannu in North West Frontier Province after Islamist militants started bombing music shops and threatened to blow up his studio.

Like Afghanistan’s hardline Taliban, the militants see music as un-Islamic.

But for Gul, things have not been much better in Peshawar, capital of the province that has been ruled by conservative religious parties sympathetic to the Taliban for the past five years. Continue reading


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