Pakistan: State of Emergency – A Documentary

Readers and visitors might be interested in FRONTLINE/World’s new 20-minute documentary “Pakistan: State of Emergency”, now live on this weblink.  I have mixed views about it, but would like to hear other opinions before I rant..

The story investigates Maulana Fazlullah, the young Taliban cleric waging war against the Pakistani government in the beautiful valley of Swat. The story includes the events of November 3rd and Benazir Bhutto’s assasination, and also features interviews with Aitzaz Ahsan, his son Ali, and renowned Pakistani journalist and writer Ahmed Rashid.

More about the story:

Swat is a place off-limits to most Western journalists, but reporter David Montero met this mysterious and ruthless Pakistani Taliban leader last spring. Montero also met the moderate local politician who tried to stop Fazlullah – Asfandiar Amir Zeb, the prince of Swat.  Amir Zeb was assassinated in a car bombing a day after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto shocked the world. Montero returned to the Swat Valley to find out what Amir Zeb’s death meant to the region, and to report on the Army’s belated efforts to fight the Taliban as suicide bombings spread throughout Pakistan.

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8 responses to “Pakistan: State of Emergency – A Documentary

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  2. MK

    Just watched it yesterday on the website and foundit to be very interesting. The death of the prince really irked me.

  3. nuzhat

    I have seen it. I found it to be quite superficial, but still very very disturbing.Obviously the graphic images brought home the brutality of the militants. The part about Amir Zaib was very sad… that whole story got lost in the BB assasination aftermath. Equally heart rending were the images of people crying helplessly at the funerals and after the blasts.
    It makes me sick that our Mullahs and politicians go on and on about Palestine, Chechnya and what not, but do not have the moral courage to clearly and unequivocally condemn the these killings. About the military leaders, the less said the better.

    I am not sure what the blogger above wants to rant about.

  4. Qandeel

    Rant away, please.

    I think the documentary was quite interesting. Mullah FM looked surprisingly benign and tender-hearted for a terrorist. I read somewhere that they “zibah” their victims because it allows the “rooh” to escape. Considerate.

  5. Escape to Where? (aka I’m a Soulless Man)

    perhaps beyond the rants of krazy k(art)oons
    casting aspersions on the loons who
    fly into the sky
    to see the crescent of a moon
    which hasn’t changed
    in 1400 years
    yet kept cocooned in centrifugal
    intuitionary service
    of some madman’s army
    ever missionary in its zeal
    explaining to converted
    inner workings of a debt that
    to a one above is owed to
    be allowed to live and breathe
    upon this earthly “paradise”
    that all this while without a
    deal of quiet shame
    is called upon to paint a picture
    of us all as typifying
    someone else’s notions of
    a set of wheels in motion

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