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Pakistan: State of Emergency – A Documentary

Readers and visitors might be interested in FRONTLINE/World’s new 20-minute documentary “Pakistan: State of Emergency”, now live on this weblink.  I have mixed views about it, but would like to hear other opinions before I rant..

The story investigates Maulana Fazlullah, the young Taliban cleric waging war against the Pakistani government in the beautiful valley of Swat. The story includes the events of November 3rd and Benazir Bhutto’s assasination, and also features interviews with Aitzaz Ahsan, his son Ali, and renowned Pakistani journalist and writer Ahmed Rashid. Continue reading


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Smile, you are in Sharjah

a humble offering by one kinkminos

Smile, you are in Sharjah*

fading orange overalls mask
the underwhelming frame of
a bandana-masked municipality menial
of undeniably subcontinental extraction Continue reading


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