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Remembering Dilawar Figar

“Figar belonged to a generation of poets and times that valued the technicalities of poetry, that is, prosody, diction, cadence, rhetoric and the figurative use of the language. He perfected his art in an environment that did not spare anyone who lacked these qualities. This sharpened his saw and with a natural gift for poetry and humour, he outshone many of his contemporaries. Secondly, his topics were current and his targets well-known: everyday problems of city life shared by all and sundry. Common misery is a thread that binds everyone together….”

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Mr. Zardari & Mr. Sharif – The Audacity of Hope

Guest Post By Mayank Austen Soofi
“Their friendship might not be good for the democracy”
Marvel at the audacity of hope in Pakistan. But be warned: the hope is not tenable. Mr. Musharraf is out of favour in his own country but not in Pentagon. Mr. Sharif has not won the largest number of seats but he may still want to be king. Mr. Zardari…well, Mr. Zardarai!He has trimmed his feudal moustache and is talking the right talk but how long would he remain this way? Besides, would Pakistan Army never march out of its barracks again? And, don’t forget the suicide-happy volunteers of the Pakistani Taliban.Should we still feel sunny?Perhaps.

They say Mr. Musharraf is almost history. That Pakistan Army would tame its basic instincts. That Mr. Zardari and Mr. Sharif’s grand coalition would carry Pakistan into the much-coveted category of being just another modern, developed, and boring nation. Continue reading


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