Nukta Series By Ismail Gulgee (II)

Untitled 2Untitled 6

by Fiza Ishaq

Gulgee’s Nuktas, are the mystic symbols of the unity of the universe, and the energy, which ties humans to the universal force.

Untitled 3

To quote Ann Marie Schimmel, “it (the Nukta) might be an allusion to a representation of the ‘Primordial Dot’ the first thing that according to some mystic thought, appeared on the empty tablet of creation”.

Untitled (in 3 parts), Oil on Canvas

Untitled 4

Untitled 5


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5 responses to “Nukta Series By Ismail Gulgee (II)

  1. thanks for bringing this here

    where do you find these gems?

    dots are everywhere

    (when we magnify a line or an alphabet many thousand times we see a series of dots merging)

  2. RJH

    I met this great man in Houston, few years ago. He spent about 30 minutes talking about Professor Abdus Salaam when I told him that I had met the Nobel Prize recipient, by accident, in a student cafeteria on University of Texas campus.
    He had tears in his eyes when he recounted his last visit with the Professor.

  3. Fiza Ishaq

    Temporal, mostly find the paintings on various websites. But, i’m still looking for more of his work. His brushstrokes are just amazing and the use of colours.

    The Nukta Series brings to mind S.H Raza’s paintings and his depiction of the Bindu.

    RJH, thanks for sharing your memory of him. He was surely a great man.

  4. Per mystic sayings:

    Sajan nukta khuda ka
    jo “Ain” ko kare “gain”
    jub woh nukta mit gaya
    so wahi “ain” ke “ain”

    Ain stand for aa’la – and Gain stands for Gaib. Means the whole curtain between god and man is this mirag of creation which he himself created. As Ghalib said:

    Na tha kuch to khuda tha, kuch na hota to khuda hota
    duboya mujh ko hone ne, na hota main to kiya hota

  5. Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

    This is beautiful ! and Guljee is missed. I am just disappointed at the lack of commitment in the police force in capturing Gulgee’s assailants. A senior artist like Gulgee deserves justice, a closure for his art connoisseurs…. I met him whilst one visit in Pakistan, and found him to be endearing, a great conversationist and a man who was open to dialogue on various issues. It is with hope, the attackers who are responsible for three deaths would soon be brought to justice and not escape (from the same justice system).