The myth of political Islam’s resistance to Imperialism

An excerpt from Samir Amin’s article:

“..Political Islam is not anti-imperialist, even if its militants think otherwise! It is an invaluable ally for imperialism and the latter knows it. It is easy to understand, then, that political Islam has always counted in its ranks the ruling classes of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Moreover, these classes were among its most active promoters from the very beginning. The local comprador bourgeoisies, the nouveaux riches, beneficiaries of current imperialist globalization, generously support political Islam. The latter has renounced an anti-imperialist perspective and substituted for it an “anti-Western” (almost “anti-Christian”) position, which obviously only leads the societies concerned into an impasse and hence does not form an obstacle to the deployment of imperialist control over the world system…”

The complete article can be accessed here


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2 responses to “The myth of political Islam’s resistance to Imperialism

  1. Qandeel

    It is a very interesting article, at least the notion that political Islam is serving imperialist interests is a very interesting one. In this article I didn’t think he offered a very coherent or well-presented argument for *how* this is the case. Or perhaps I lack the understanding.

    I can see how the ruling elite in Muslim countries may be endorsing imperialism, but to suggest that Political Islam, as a monolith, is complementary to imperialism seems a tad far-fetched.

    Could someone shed some light?

  2. PTH

    thanks for the comment. I also thought that this was not the best piece by Amin. However, I agree with the central argument that Islamism at the end of the day despite the shenangins is NOT anti-imperial. It appears to be deceptively but in practice (if you look at the kind in Pak for example) ends up strengthening the hands of local elites who are servile to global imperial agendas.

    Maybe others will add more of comment – as I am not fully briefed on political Islam..