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This is what Ali Raza of Chaikhana had to say about our young blog-magazine”

A new chai hotel around the block, hai mar javaan

I have been alerted to the opening of a new chaikhanah going by the sinister sounding name Pak Tea House just around the block. And it was no newsmonger but one of the proprietors of the new place himself. … Come to think of it, the news sounded more like an announcement. A challenge of sorts, if you will. Such challenges are routine in the world of a chai walah who has to compete with a dozen other vendors selling the same fragrant elixir on the same railway platform or bazaar.

But these new guys are dangerous. I went to their new joint and it is shiny and upscale. Where we serve you by the half-sets, they have a proper tea service. Our desi biscut have nothin on their Danish delights. This Lahori Dagga is perplexed in the face of a team of highly educated smarts over there.

But fear not my chotas. I will be paying them regular visits to steal business secrets and will frequently pollute the sitting area with brain farts. Its a plan then. Down with these hoity toity Tea House people then. You may go there and look around, you may even sample the goods, but you better not enjoy, and if you do enjoy, you better not let me find out. Warna. Warna murr jai ga aapka saxxy chaiwalah. hai

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